The CaraParrots Story

We've spent the good part of our lives in the company of parrots.  

We always just preferred it that way. . .

Over 30+ years ago we began sharing the loves of our lives,
our feathered children, with others.

I never thought I could...breed, that is. How could I ever give my babies up and sell them?!?

But a breeder friend of mine who had a Bird Store that supplied my bird feed suggested we try breeding Cockatiels to off-set the expense of my big birds…and we had ALOT of mouths to feed! …Amazons, Electus, Toos, B&Gs, Scarlets, Green Wings, Militaries, African  Greys, Senegals, Quakers, Mini Macaws, Caiques, Love Birds, Ringnecks, Conures, and more!

For months and months I said, "No, no, not me. I couldn't bear to!" but he persisted and I finally set-up a breeding pair and became a Mama Bird to some adorable little dinosaurs.

I learned the ropes from the older bird ladies in my area and found a fantastic Avian Vet (Dr. Scott E. McDonald DVM). Our little guys thrived and turned into beauties.

But the whole point of this experience was to now sell them so that I could buy bird food, toys, new cages, or even pay the vet bill...but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. These were my babies, my little feathered, cheeping children.

How quickly I forgot they actually had parents of their own species. I was thoroughly hooked, addicted, enthralled. They were my responsibility now and I loved em' as if they were my own kids.

But we kept having more and more babies and now we had to feed all those mouths
besides our pets! The situation had become ridiculous and gotten totally out of hand! Finally my breeder friend with a bird store, convinced me to bring my 'tiels in to him and he would sell them for me since I couldn’t bear to!

I packed them up and delivered them to him in tears, sobbing uncontrollably.  It was then that he put his arm around my shoulder and said these words that have remained with us, "Barbara, you're selling your children!"

That's exactly what was occurring, but he meant it in a kind and gentle way.

He meant that he
knew we cared very much about our birds. They were in fact, our kids and not a product being marketed. 

That line became our slogan,
"We Sell Our Children" ...and remains to this day. 

Oh sure the slogan offended a few people, but the majority 'get it' & 'get us' and appreciate our honesty & passion for parrots and other birds. We now specialize in breeding & hand-raising beautiful Multi-Generation Hybrid Macaws (Camelot & Capri)
…along with BIG & BEAUTIFUL (pure species) Green Winged Macaws.

We also frequently take in abandoned & injured parrots and various other birds in need of rehabilitation and re-homing.

To this day each and every one is still hand-raised, for you, with love and care as if it were one of our children...better make that
grand children. ;)

Thank You for reading & visiting!

"Mama Bird" ~ Barb Carapezza-Parish 

...Thanks 4 Flying By!