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The CaraParrots nursery is VERY busy with lots & lots of new
babies as you can see in the pics above & on our Facebook page!

If you are interested in adopting a CaraParrot please 
contact us to see what we have available 
or to get a spot on our waiting list. 
Our adoption prices vary & will be determined 
based on the baby's type & feather coloration. 

All CaraParrots adoptions include our standard vet package: 
- Good health certificate from Dr. Scott McDonald, DVM 
- Surgical sexing & microchip implant

   Please contact us for adoption details & follow us 
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CaraParrots P.O.T.U.S
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CaraParrots.com's YUUUUUGE 

“Parrotphernalia” Sale!!!
(*Psittaciformes Ornithologia Tremendously Unbelievable Sale!)


CaraParrots.com has a variety of cages for all kinds of birds ranging from Parrots to Parakeets as well as other types of accessories like Parrot Stands, Carriers, Toys, Food & Water Bowls & LOTS MORE for sale!

We currently have a garage full of parrot & bird stuff
(AKA “Parrotphernalia”) and we're always getting more.
So give us a call if you can't find what you're looking for
as we may be able to help!

We regularly have a variety of cages, toys &
 available for your feathered roomates. 
To see what's currently on sale, click the link below to
check out our latest 
Craigslist ads!

PLEASE NOTE ...if the Craigslist link above isn't working,
just go to 
Chicago's Craigslist & search for CaraParrots. 

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Feathers For Sale!

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We have LOTS of naturally molted, BEAUTIFUL feathers for sale that are perfect for Indian & Tribal crafting, clothing, jewelry & more. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to eBay's conflicting policies on feather sales, we have closed our eBay store and are currently working on an alternative solution to display & sell our various naturally molted and dropped macaw feathers.

In the meantime please feel free to call us to inquire about the feathers we currently have available & we will be happy to help you out! We accept PayPal & Chase QuickPay.

Feeding The Kids!

This is what it's like around CaraParrots at feeding time!

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This is hilarious! Click the pic for the full story from
 the Onion by clicking on the picture above.


Ruby Macaw Stolen!

On Friday, June 1st, 2012 a Ruby Macaw named Buford 
was stolen from the Northside (Bowmanville) yard of Nick Butkovich. 
 is 20+ years old and ID chipped and there is a 
$1000+ Reward 
for any information leading to the recovery of Buford. 
More info can be found on MAMMA BIRD'S BLOG
or by clicking on the above image.

Anyone with information should contact the 
District 20 Chicago Police Dept. at 312-742-8714 or 312-742-8715.  

CaraParrots extends our thoughts & hopes for Bufford's safe recovery.

CaraParrots Got Game!

Check out our VIDEOS & GAMES page & play some fun 
Parrot Themed games we've found on the interwebz.
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Warning: "Polly the Kleptomaniac Parrot"
may not be suitable for smaller humans.

Scratch Our Feathers &
We'll Scratch Yours!

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Take a look around CaraParrots.com and you'll see that we take great pride in our feathered children. 

We've been hand raising baby parrots for over 30+ years...just a few at a time for our own enjoyment & for the enjoyment of others.

The lack of quantity we produce ensures quality and sociability of each baby for our clients.  Our birds well being, our client’s satisfaction with them, and our reputation in the avian community are all of great value to us.

Though CaraParrots.com is known for our pretty birds, especially our multi-generation hybrid Camelot Macaws & Capri Macaws, we are remembered more as breeders of very well nurtured babies, with loving personalities.  That in turn, make our clients feel very loved.

At CaraParrots.com we specialize in breeding Camelot & Capri Multi-Generation Hybrid Macaws...along with BIG & BEAUTIFUL (pure species) Green Winged Macaws. 

We are also committed to re-homing rescued and orphaned parrots & birds of many species that find their way to our door in need of placement in stable, loving homes. Please e-mail us at caraparrots@comcast.net for more information.

Please take a look around out website to see all our pictures, videos, links as well as the story of how we started it all. Also make sure to check out our Facebook page (and Facebook feed above) for all the latest hatches & happenings at CaraParrots! 

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"Mama & Papa Bird" ~ Barb & Harry Parish

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